Uniting Church Bulli

Uniting Church Bulli
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  • Location : Bulli
  • Completed : June 2012
  • System Size: 5KW
  • Number of Panels: 20
  • Inverters : SMA5000
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

Turning 150 years old in 2015, the Bulli Uniting Church has been helping the local community since 1865. During this time the church has seen a lot of changes; such as the advent of electricity and the current rising costs of powering the church. This is why Bulli Uniting Church made the smart move, and invested in a Green Solar Solutions custom solar power system. The church now saves a significant amount of money on their electricity bills and with these savings they are able to put more money into church programs such as social groups, youth services and a bunch more that assists the local church community.

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