Solar Panels Wollongong with Green Solar Power

Environmentally Friendly Solar Panels Powering Wollongong

Why Go Solar?

It’s no secret that energy prices are rising and that the earth is just getting dirtier. Solar systems are the perfect investment for residential or businesses that want to save money and help the planet. Besides the obvious, systems are great for your ... Read More >

How Does Solar Work?

In just one hour the sun generates enough energy to power the world for an entire year.
Solar power is energy generated from the sun. The rays from the sun are captured by solar cells and converted into electricity... Read More >

Why Choose Us?

Choosing to install solar systems can be a tricky affair. Luckily we at Green Solar solutions offer the best service in the South Coast. We offer free energy assessments that will ensure you can get the best custom designed system ... Read More >

Solar Power Wollongong with Green Solar Solutions

At Green Solar Solutions we are a local family business that has installed and maintained solar systems for homes and businesses throughout the Illawarra. We have been designing & installing solar systems since 2009, helping families reduce their carbon footprint and power bills savings. We've helped many businesses secure their investments for the future by going solar and improving their commitment to lowering emmissions.

Since we love all things solar energy, we install only top quality parts and systems that have service and maintenance guarantees. Due to our use of the best of the best, we have paved the way for Green Solar Solutions to be the number one solar provider in the South Coast and Illawarra.

We guarantee that we can assist you in future proofing your energy needs and costs with clean, reliable and renewable solar energy.

Referal for Solar Panels Installation Wollongong

How much are your electricity bills? See how much you can save with solar!

2.0 kW System
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3.0 kW System
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4.0 kW System
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