Marty Haynes - Voice of i98fm

Marty Haynes - Voice of i98fm
  • Marty Haynes Solar Panels
  • Residential Solar Panels
  • Completed: June 2012
  • System Size: 2.58KW
  • Number of Panels: 12
  • Inverters: SMA2500
  • Installation Type: Tilted Roof Mount
  • Estimated Annual Savings: $920

"We moved in to a new place and our electricity bill just skyrockted! The house is bigger, we have a new pool, plus heating and cooling, it all adds up! Electricity prices kept rising so I had to do something. Green Solar Solutions came to my house gave me an energy assessment and showed me exactly how I could save by having a solar system designed and installed by Green Solar Solutions. With energy costs continuing to rise it was my only choice. It was a great investment. I enjoy getting my electricty bill now just to see how much I have saced. It's the first I've ever looked forward to getting a bill... EVER!" - Marty Haynes, voice of i98fm.