Shellharbour Medical Centre

Shellharbour Medical Centre
  • commercial solar solutions
  • commercial solar panels
  • solar systems
  • roof solar installations
  • Location : Shellharbour
  • Completed : May 2014
  • System Size: 21KW
  • Number of Panels: 84
  • Inverters: ABB Power One TRIO 20.0
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

The Shellharbour Medical centre is committed to delivering the highest standard of professional health care in a nonjudgmental environment. They endeavour to treat all patients with respect dignity, kindness and compassion. While operating a very busy centre, Shellharbour Medical Centre’s energy costs were high. So they made the smart investment in both solar energy and Green Solar Solutions. After having their tailor designed system installed the centre can now look forward to investing money not in hefty electricity bills, but instead on patient care. They also had a UPS backup storage facility installed to run their Vaccine fridge during the power outages they had experienced which means no more spoilt Vaccines. This saved them even more money and improved patient care.

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