Regional Appliance & Electrical Services

  • regional appliance electrical services
  • wollongong solar panels systems
  • Location : Fairy Meadow
  • Completed : April 2014
  • System Size: 14.1KW
  • Number of Panels: 60
  • Inverters: ABB Power-One
  • Installation Type: Flat Roof Tilt Mounted

Regional Appliance Service has been locally owned and operated in the Illawarra since 1998. They have a team of very well trained technicians who provide a quality “in-home” servicing to a large range of domestic appliances. In addition they also have a workshop where they repair more portable items; a workshop that consumes quite a significant amount of electricity. So the investment into solar power was a no brainer. The team at Regional Appliance Service couldn’t be happier with the installation and productivity of a Green Solar Solutions system.

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