Krauss Kitchens

Krauss Kitchens
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  • Location: Unanderra
  • Completed: October 2014
  • System Size: 90KW
  • Number of Panels: 360 x Trina Smart
  • Inverters: 3 x ABB Power-One TRIO 27.6
  • Installation Type: Roof Mounts
  • Estimated Annual Savings: $19,920

Krauss Kitchens established in the Illawarra in 1974 have been a local industry leader with a valuable reputation, experience and knowledge to please their thousands of happy customers. Krauss Kitchens’ custom 90KW Solar System was designed and installed by Green Solar Solutions in October 2014. Prior to installing a custom solar system, Krauss Kitchens were stuck paying a large amount for electricity. Following the installation of their 360 solar panels and three inverters, their electricity costs were slashed. Krauss Kitchens custom solar system allows them to not only save money, but also cut down on emissions and lets their business stand out with an investment in clean renewable energy.

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