FoodWorks East Corrimal

FoodWorks East Corrimal
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  • Location : East Corrimal
  • Completed : December 2013
  • System Size: 22.5KW
  • Number of Panels: 90
  • Inverters : ABB Power-One TRIO 20.0
  • Installation Type: Flat Roof Tilt Mount
  • Estimated Annual Savings: $7.270

FoodWorks is an independent retail supermarket chain with close to 650 stores, spanning 7 states and territories, and currently boasts $2 billion in annual sales. FoodWorks’ local East Corrimal branch saw the benefits of investing in a 22.5KW custom solar system that consists of 90 solar panels and a Power-One PVI inverter. Before making the investment in a custom solar system, FoodWorks East Corrimal was paying quite a heavy electricity bill, and now they paying a significantly lower amount per bill. Like other local businesses making the smart investment in solar technology, FoodWorks East Corrimal has significantly lower electricity bills, has seen a cut in emissions and can also stand out from the crowd even more by being a local supermarket committed to clean renewable energy.

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